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Good appliance service is required for the right operation of any fridge or washer people use at home or work but services must be performed by experts. Human intervention is actually determinant for effective solutions and excellent results and that’s why the intelligence, inventive minds of experienced and trained professionals are of great importance. The combination of modern technology and specialized technicians makes Appliances Service New Westminster a great contractor for fast, excellent repair services. We provide first quality repair parts, same day appearance and top services.
The bad condition of refrigerators, dryers and dishwashers would actually affect your life. Your good health, clean clothes and safe environments are protected and guaranteed with well-maintained appliances and that’s why regular services are obligatory. The absence of home appliance service will eventually increase your energy bills and wear down the appliances prematurely. We can prevent these problems with inspections and early replacement of damaged parts. Our company works with the best professionals in New Westminster and they can ensure effective appliances service.

Appliances Service New Westminster offers full services to all clients whether you care to maintain commercial or home appliances. We can install, inspect, repair, troubleshoot and maintain any appliance regardless of the brand or type. We are experts in commercial services focusing on the needs of hotels, restaurants and similar businesses in British Columbia while at the same time our specialized teams for residential appliance repairs will take care of the domestic appliances whether it is required the replacement of a fridge gasket or the electric circuit of your washer. For big and small appliance repair, we are here for your needs around the clock.